About Us

Welcome to Samriddha Nepal

Samriddha Nepal is a non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit organization established for humanitarian activities aimed to reform the living conditions of the communities in need of up liftmen. We work at a grassroots level to provide required support in the field of education, health and sanitation, environmental protection, disaster relief, and women empowerment. Our program focus has continuously expanded in the past years to meet the changing needs of women, children, the marginalized communities, and disaster-stricken societies.

Our Mission

Samriddha Nepal is an NGO in Nepal targeted towards helping those in need through projects that promote education, health, community development, and disaster relief. Our goal is to improve the material conditions of people struggling to make ends meet in Nepal.

How it all started

Nepal is a land of cultural and geographical diversity with breathtaking beauty in the lap of Himalayas. However, Nepal has a turbulent history of frequent natural disasters and political instability which has pushed back its socio-economic status. The population below the poverty line is in serious need of up liftmen of living conditions.

Considering the urgency of the condition, the founders of Samriddha Nepal stood up to establish an organization that would work tirelessly towards the humanitarian needs across Nepal. Samriddha Nepal was established in 2016 A.D. and registered under the Societies Registration Act with registration number 993/4/4094.

In the Nepali language, 'Samriddha' means 'prosperous'. The founders of Samriddha Nepal, ever since its establishment strives towards making Nepal prosperous. We believe in creating a just world where people support each other by enabling individuals to grow and develop through initial support.

Meet our Team

Samriddha Nepal is proud of its team of highly qualified personnel who have worked tirelessly in humanitarian efforts with specializations in Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Women Empowerment, Community Development, Democracy, and Governance.

Juna Gharti Magar- Founder/President

DB Ale Magar – Vice President

Jeeban Thapa Magar – Secretary

Samita Baral Magar – Treasurer

Shyam Kumar Thapa – Executive Member

Dipak Adhikari  – Executive Member