Earthquake Relief at Dhading

The earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 left a lot of destruction with a devastating aftermath. Thousands were left injured, dead and the country suffered massive economic losses and damages. Within a few weeks after the earthquake, Nepal saw entire villages succumb to the floor, monuments, and world heritage sites destroyed. The most affected areas were inhabitants of Langtang Valley, Dadagaun village, Sankhu, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Sindhupalchowk, Sindhuli, Dolakha and more.

One of such rural villages that were severely affected by the earthquake was in Dhading. With the intent to help the people in need, Sambriddha Nepal quickly stepped in and planned for a relief project in Dhading's Khaniyabas Gaupalika.

While our team went on to review the aftermath of the earthquake in Khaniyabas, where we saw that the people living there had been severely affected due to the blockage of the main road that would bring basic supplies. As per the planned relief program, Sambriddha Nepal along with our qualified professionals went on to distribute basic supplied like tents, rice, lentils, cooking oil, salt, and blankets to over 185 households. While our volunteers supported them by providing material supply, our professionals provided emotional support to the families who were severely affected by the loss of their family members or felt helpless due to loss of property.