Who We Are

  • Juna Gharti Magar

    Founder / President Juna Gharti Magar is the Founder and President of the Samriddha Nepal Organization. 
  • D B Ale Magar

    Vice President D B Ale Magar is vice president of Samriddha Nepal
  • Samita Baral Magar

    Treasurer Samita Baral Magar is treasurer of Samriddha Nepal 
  • Jeeban Thapa Magar

    Secretatry Jeevan Thapa Magar is secretary of Samriddha Nepal, and the founder and CEO of Nepal Adventure Team Pvt. Ltd. were born in Dhading Nepal. He embarked on many adventure treks at a young age. He professionally started working as a trekking guide back in 2001. His experience and knowledge enlightened him for the overall development of society and comfort for travelers. Gradually from 2012, he began solely managing treks and tours across Nepal in huge magnitude than, formally established his own company, Nepal Adventure Team in 2014. Jeevan is an ideal rock and peak climbing guide. He has also received training from the Nepal Ministry of Culture and Tourism as well as the Civil Aviation from the Government of Nepal. Through his long-running experience and knowledge, Jeevan has incorporated various ideas from the veterans and hereby offers a wide range of adventure holiday packages. He believes that the more choices you have, the better chance of you experiencing adventure. 
  • Shyam Kumar Thapa

    Executive Member